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We love SEO Analytics and data and we want to share it all with you in an easy, focused and clear way. With so much data out there, we will condense manage it all for you.

High Up SEO Services - Analytics

We approach SEO Data in 2 directions:

1. We analyse keywords and see which ones are bringing traffic and also new potential words that can be boosted higher in order to increase your SEO traffic. Based on this data, we act accordingly and tweak your site as well as creating quality content or new pages in order to help push your newly discovered keywords. We also help you in pushing and adapting Social Media traffic to the correct parts of your site, which in turn can help with your rankings. We also keep a watchful eye on your keyword performances, and keep them ranking high up.

2.  Your competitors - We'll let you know how they are performing and which keywords they are doing well with and not. We'll focus on keyword opportunities for your market vs competitors, so that you are ahead of the "SEO Game". We'll also constantly analyse competitor sites and see how they are performing in terms of optimisation and rankings.

We also measure generic areas of SEO, such as: SEO traffic in all areas of your site, rankings and performance in various countries, most effective SEO landing pages, A/B Testings, conversion tracking, Social Media analysis and other general data that you feel is important for your marketing and performance team.

We provide comprehensive monthly reports in a professional and clear format. We measure your monthly performance against previous months and see how you are performing.  We can also supply you with dynamic self generated reports, which you will always have access to. This will help you being constantly aware of both your performances and how your competitors are doing.