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High Up SEO - SEO Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis is the base for any SEO activity. When you define your keywords, then you will have clearer idea in the way to go forward. of course, you cannot any choose any old keyword. There are some words that will be very hard to rank due to competition.

Choosing the most relative and realistic words is what we focus on with our clients. We drill down in order to find words that have both search volume and that are not competitive; words that are relative to your brand/services.

High Up SEO Services - SEO Keyword Analysis

With our extensive keyword research, we find words that are valuable for both your site (main short keywords) and blog/content marketing (longer keywords). In any industry, there are gaps in the market for you to rank and drive traffic and conversion. It's just a matter of finding the correct words, in order to adopt a solid SEO.

Via our keyword tools, we can also help you identify which words your competitors are using, and if there are possibilities in ranking in higher positions or choose alternative keywords where you climb higher!

Not only do we analyse potential keywords at the beginning of projects, but we constantly analyse new keywords that present opportunities for any company. Over time, via our reporting tools, we will always discover new words which both drive traffic to your site (and generate impressions) and that appear in your market segment.