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Website optimisation is the most important aspect in having a sound SEO strategy. With a good clean site, Search Engine bots can understand better what your site is about, and the messages you wish to get across to your target.. In return, Search Engines will rank you for each page and content that is clear and concise and that follow guidelines.

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We work from top to bottom, starting from your URL site structure, right down to your site's footer. After we do our initial Keyword Research, we will implement these to your site structure and content. There are many aspects covering On Site Optimisation, and we have them all covered in our extensive SEO Checklist. We will work closely with you in order that your "messages" that you wish to transmit, stand in firm line with your company goals and culture. We often ask our clients to help us write site content so that content is both optimised and reaches it's marketing and communication objective.

We always aim for every site to grow and expand, in order to cover as many keywords as possible. Site Optimisation is a long term strategy with long term aims. After a while, we do like our clients to take charge and end up optimising their own sites. With our SEO Optimising Training Programme, one will feel confident in taking over the steering the wheel and guiding the company site forward and conquer new rankings!