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With people accessing sites via different devices, sites must be prepared to adapt and keep the viewer happy, or they will leave! When we take on board web construction, we take both SEO and User Experience (UX) into account.

High Up SEO Services - Website Construction

If your site is both mobile and PC friendly, then this will give you an SEO boost. The reason for this is that more and more people are using mobile devices in order to access sites, whilst on the move. So when we take on such projects, we take into account that each and every part of your new site is suited for various devices, so that the viewer gets your message. Your site must be clean and visible in all aspects so all your content and images are legible and clear. We will make your site light in terms of weight.

Our aim is that your site is also user friendly in terms navigation and that conversion is also accomplished in less clicks as possible; Quick, light and easy. 

We work with different platforms, depending on your needs. We will also advise you in which solution you should use in order for your new site to best fit your clients and potential client's needs.

We also integrate both CRM and Social Media modules in order to improve reach and customisation in your communication strategy.

As for content marketing within your site, will all also advise you in the best way you should adopt such a strategy and the tools you should use. Remember, we will always recommend that your site grows in terms of content so that your on-line reach is wider and more effective.

We love analytics, therefore we will also implement sound analytic tools within your site and help you interpret your valuable data.

Conversion is key in order for your business to succeed. We will help you develop sound landing pages for different campaigns that you will run (SEO, SEM, Social Media etc). With your investment in on-line marketing, we want you to be most effective in both conversion and CRM database marketing.